Pauline Bower

Pauline Bower, a resident at Life Care Center of Seneca, Kansas, celebrated her 100th birthday on Feb. 23, 2016.


The facility held a birthday party and open house in the dining room for Bower’s family and friends from the community and her fellow residents. A very large crowd enjoyed the cake and punch served by Tracie Wagner, activity director, and Sandy Koch, social services associate. Bower was also inducted into Life Care Centers of America’s Century Club for centenarians.


Bower was born at home in Basin, Wyoming. Her father was an irrigator who irrigated farms in the area (she assisted him when she was in high school), and her mother was a stay-at-home mom. She had one sister.


In high school, Bower developed vision problems and moved to Topeka, Kansas, so she could have eye treatments. She lived with an aunt and uncle there and graduated from Topeka High School. That is where she met her husband, Robert Bower. They had no children but stayed very close to Bower’s three nephews.


The two of them ran an International Harvesters dealership for 11 years. They then sold it and purchased Western Auto, a mercantile store, which they ran until they retired at age 70.


Bower is still active and sharp. She likes to paint, play cards and sew.


“The time has gone so fast,” Bower said. “I don’t feel 100. All my vision problems have resolved, and I can still walk, and I have no pain. My advice is to work hard and behave yourself, and when you’re old and can’t take care of yourself, you should go to a great place like Life Care of Seneca. I love it here.”